things i want.

A Laptop that will power its USB ports even when the laptop is off. Like ACC mode in car.

To be able to donate to candidates but if they don’t do what they say then I get the money back.

A smart phone that doesn’t suck and is open.

To delay getting bifocals as long as possible.

For someone besides Hillary to win the democratic nomination.

Bloglines to have a one-click button that adds to

I want People who think that whether or not we should torture is something worth debating to get out of my country.

To find a way to practice speaking Spanish.

For Google to allow me to adjust the page rank of pages just for me.

To have more songs in my iTunes than my son does.

A setting for my python IDE which doesn’t just make spaces instead of tabs the default but refuses to allow any files with tabs to be included in the project unless they are converted and never forgets this setting. EVER.

A commuter bike with a light and fenders and all that jazz.

To be able to make a blog post from a random list of sentences and fragments.

10 things I learned in the Game Industry

Since I’m currently in my latest attempt to quit the game industry, I thought it would be good to make a list of what I learned.

  1. Alpha Blending covers over way more sins than you think it will.
  2. The best Game design comes just borrowing ideas from other places and iterating. See any game by Blizzard.
  3. Ideas are easy, Choices are hard. The easiest 5 words are “Wouldn’t it Be Cool If…”
  4. Crunch time exists so that people get tired of saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if?”
  5. No matter how good/bad your tech is you will get more out of your visuals by hiring better artists.
  6. You will end up hating virtually any 3rd Partly library you use.
  7. You need to put one of your best coders on the build system and tools because when they don’t work nobody does.
  8. People will always say that graphics isn’t as important as gameplay but with the possible exception of the Wii (Yea! nintendo), they vote differently with their money.
  9. Publishers Lie.
  10. There was no budget for 10 so we had to cut it.